Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Jordan 2009 (2009)

Pictures and information of the Nike Air Jordans 2009 (2009)

Michael Jordan shoes are a classic of the footwear world. Here you have a picture of the Air Jordan 2009

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Nike Air Jordan 2009, Michael Jordan signature shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 2009

This model, the Air Jordan 2009, was released for the 2008-2009 NBA Season.

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Some Jordan 2009 Features:

  • The Air Jordan 2009 incorporates a new, innovative technology in basketball footwear called Articulated Propulsion Technology, or APT. The Air Jordan 2009's APT allows the athlete to explosively and quickly propel forward on the court.
  • In addition to its performance technology platform, the AIR JORDAN 2009's modern design elements offer a bold style statement by incorporating satin pleats and polishable dress-shoe-like panache leather, the first Air Jordan to utilize these luxurious design elements.

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