Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Jordan XX3 (23 or XXIII)

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Michael Jordan shoes are a classic of the footwear world. Here you have a picture of the Air Jordan XX3 (23)

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Nike Air Jordan XX3 (23), Michael Jordan signature shoes with colors grey, blue and white.

Nike Air Jordan XX3 (23 or XXIII)

This model, the Air Jordan XX3 (23) with colors grey, blue and white, was released for the 2007-08 NBA Season.

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- Midsole / Outsole:

  • Full length Zoom Airsole unit for superior cushioning.
  • Carbon fiber/acrylic weave shank plate adds structure and support in key areas.
  • High performance TPU chassis built for stability and support.
  • Light weight - 15 ounces.
  • One of the lowest midsole profile thickness made for a basketball shoe (19mms in the heel and 9mms in the forefoot) allowing for players to be as close to the ground as possible and feel the court.
  • The shank plate is inserted into the TPU chassis mold and the TPU is directly shot over the entire plate. This process is the most efficient for production because it enhances durability, reduces waste, and minimizes our solvent cement usage. It is a new innovation for performance footwear.
  • Advanced cushioning system contains a low profile IPS system with a large pillar in the heel combined with a low profile modified IPS in the forefoot.

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