Michael Jordan DVDs: Chicago Bulls 1990-1991 NBA Champions, Learning To Fly

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This 6-DVD discs collector's set features everything about Michael Jordan's first NBA Title. Great material about the season, the playoffs and the full 5 games of the Finals against Magic Johnson and the Lakers.

Chicago Bulls 1990-1991 NBA Champions is available at Amazon.com

Michael Jordan DVDs: Chicago Bulls 1990-1991 NBA Champions

Learning To Fly

Michael Jordan's DVD: Chicago Bulls 1990-1991 NBA Champions, Learning To Fly

Oficial Synopsis:

Celebrate the Chicago Bulls' first NBA Championship with this incredible 6-disc DVD collector's set. Relive the historic 1991 NBA Finals showdown against the Los Angeles Lakers with all 5 games, each in its entirety and original broadcast format.

Also included is an action-packed Championship season recap with memorable highlights and revealing behind-the-scenes footage. Experience the heart-pounding action again and again.

This 6-disc DVD set features:

  1. Finals Game 1
  2. Finals Game 2
  3. Finals Game 3
  4. Finals Game 4
  5. Finals Game 5 and Jordan is voted Finals MVP.
  6. Championship recap, overview of their 1991 title run. Finishing with an amazing 61-21 season record, the Bulls charged into the postseason. The Finals matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers. Highlights and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the Bulls' spectacular 1990-1991 season. - 6