Michael Jordan DVDs: Ultimate Jordan

Information about Michael Jordan's 20th Anniversary collector's DVD set

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Note that this DVD is special edition that among other material includes the content of five Michael Jordan previously released DVDs ("Come Fly With Me", "Michael Jordan 's Playground", "Anything's Possible" "Air Time", "Above & Beyond" and "His Airness") that can also be bought separately.

This DVD-set has the best footage available about MJ.

Ultimate Jordan is available at Amazon.com

Michael Jordan DVDs: Ultimate Jordan

20th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Michael Jordan's DVD: Ultimate Jordan

Oficial Synopsis:
Marking 20 years since Michael Jordan's celebrated arrival in the NBA, this truly historic 3-disc Collector's Edition chronicles the amazing career of this great American icon. For the first time ever, exclusive to this set, are Jordan's five all-time, greatest games in their entirety. Add to this, five #1 best-selling Michael Jordan programs, over an hour of bonus footage including MJ's greatest moves, dunks and shots, plus DVD-ROM features and you have the ultimate tribute to the ultimate sports legend.

Included are "Come Fly With Me", which takes a look at his early years at the University of North Carolina and his first years with the Bulls, and "MichaelJordan 's Playground", in which Michael shares one of sports' best kept secrets-- how he was cut from his high school basketball team! and the video entitled "Anything's Possible". "Air Time" contains an exclusive Jordan interview as well as a look at the Bulls' second NBA Championship and the Barcelona Olympics. "Above & Beyond" covers Jordan as he comes back to the game after retiring and examines just what drives him to be the best. Finally, "His Airness" looks back at his childhood and follows him up to the time of his second (but not-quite-final) retirement.

Where to buy the DVD Ultimate Jordan?
You can buy Ultimate Jordan at Amazon.com
Note that there is another version of Ultimate Jordan with this red cover and another with a similar grey cover but with only 2 DVD discs.
Ultimate Jordan Red CoverUltimate Jordan Grey Cover