Michael Jordan Teammates in the Championship Years

Players who played with Michael Jordan in the six NBA titles

Here you have the complete list of MJ teammates in the championship years. They are a total of 44 players, but it is interesting to note that the only one who was next to Michael Jordan in the six championships was Scottie Pippen. Nobody else was in more than 3 of those rosters and no one else share championships of the first three-peat with championships of the second three-peat.

Note that not all the players on this list were with the team at the end of the regular season, some were traded and other had short-time contracts. The list includes all the players on the roster that played at least one game for the Bulls.

Championship Seasons
Michael Jordan 6 x x x x x x
Scottie Pippen 6 x x x x x x
B. J. Armstrong 3 x x x
Bill Cartwright 3 x x x
Horace Grant 3 x x x
Stacey King 3 x x x
John Paxson 3 x x x
Will Perdue 3 x x x
Scott Williams 3 x x x
Randy Brown 3 x x x
Jud Buechler 3 x x x
Jason Caffey 3 x x x
Ron Harper 3 x x x
Steve Kerr 3 x x x
Toni Kukoc 3 x x x
Luc Longley 3 x x x
Dennis Rodman 3 x x x
Dickey Simpkins 3 x x x
Bill Wennington 3 x x x
Craig Hodges 2 x x
Dennis Hopson 2 x x
Cliff Levingston 2 x x
Bobby Hansen 1 x
Chuck Nevitt 1 x
Mark Randall 1 x
Rory Sparrow 1 x
Ricky Banton 1 x
Joe Courtney 1 x
Jo Jo English 1 x
Rodney McCray 1 x
Ed Nealy 1 x
Trent Tucker 1 x
Darrell Walker 1 x
Corey Williams 1 x
James Edwards 1 x
Jack Haley 1 x
John Salley 1 x
Robert Parish 1 x
Matt Steigenga 1 x
Brian Williams (Bison Dele) 1 x
Keith Booth 1 x
Scott Burrell 1 x
Joe Kleine 1 x
Rusty LaRue 1 x
David Vaughn 1 x

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