Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Jordan 2010

Pictures and information of the Nike Air Jordans 2010

Michael Jordan shoes are a classic of the footwear world. Here you have information and pictures of the Air Jordan 2010. Click image to enlarge it.

Nike Air Jordan 2010, Michael Jordan signature shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 2010

This model, the Air Jordan 2010, was released for the 2009-2010 Season.

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Air Jordan 2010: The 25th Anniversary edition.

The Air Jordan 2010 celebrates Air Jordan's silver anniversary by respecting the past while paving the way for the future.

These iconic shoes are released for the 2009-2010 NBA season and Team Jordan's newest member Dwyane Wade was selected by Michael Jordan to wear them on the NBA court.

The outstanding highlight of the shoes is the transparent TPU Window. This signature window provides a sculpted fit and represents MJ's ability to see through his opponents, while only selectively revealing his own game.

The Air Jordans 2010 shoes feature:

  • Flexibility: The flexible AJ2010's offers a more anatomical fit so players can sprint faster.
  • The AJ2010's perforated upper is performance engineered to be both breathable and responsive, while representing the iconic style on an Air Jordan.
  • Asymmetrical Collar: The AJ2010 revives a radical Jordan innovation with a collar that is higher on the outside and lower on the insider for better natural ankle support.
  • Collar Lining: the AJ2010's special collar contains a separately molded stitched-in unit that wraps around ankles for a better fit
  • Light Weight: Modern players need to be faster at every position and the AJ2010 is built for speed with its lightweight performance design.
  • Considered: The AJ2010 continues Jordan's breakthrough sustainability efforts by being efficiently designed, avoiding harmful toxins and using environmentally friendly materials.
  • Stacked Heel Zoom Air: Zoom Air units stacked in the heel add a crucial layer of impact protection.
  • Low Profile: he AJ2010 was designed to be lower to the ground with less layers and thinner cushioning for a more responsive shoe in tune with today's hyper athletic players.
  • Sock Liner: The cushioned performance sock liner not only feels great on and off the court, but reveals a hint of MJ's beloved Carolina Blue through the AJ2010's window.
  • Midsole Message: The AJ2010's midsole graphic contains a special hidden message from MJ for those who are true to the game.
  • Bottom-Loaded Zoom Air: The AJ2010's full length bottom-loaded Zoom Air borrows from low profile running shoe cushioning for better court feel and superior agility.
  • Outriggers: Strategically placed outsole outriggers provide extra support in areas of lateral instability to reduce the risk of ankle injury.
  • Outsole: The AJ2010's thinner outsole results in an incredibly responsive ride and is clear on certain colorways to reveal the Zoom Air cushioning at the heart of the shoe.
  • Toe: Air Jordans have always reflected MJ's Desire for a clean toe an the AJ2010 takes it a step further with its unobstructed independent forefoot cover.
  • Independent Forefoot Cover: Basketball's first-ever independent forefoot cover increases strength and support, yet flexes easily for smooth, natural movement.
  • Mesh Forefoot Underlay: the AJ2010's independent forefoot cover lets toes move freely and breathe like never before.

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