Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Jordan XX3 (23 or XXIII)

Pictures and information of the Nike Air Jordans XX3 (23 or XXIII)

Michael Jordan shoes are a classic of the footwear world. Here you have information and pictures of the Air Jordan XX3 (23). Click image to enlarge it.

Nike Air Jordan XX3 (23), Michael Jordan signature shoes.

Nike Air Jordan XX3 (23 or XXIII)

This model, the Air Jordan XX3 (23), was released for the 2007-08 NBA Season.

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Air Jordan XX3 are Nike’s first basketball shoe designed under the company's “Considered” ethos, which aims to reduce waste and use environmentally friendly materials. The Air Jordan XX3 were released in three rounds from January to February 2008, starting with a limited edition sent to only 23 top retailers and concluding with the national launch. There had been talk at Nike about ending the shoe line here, with the number 23 matching MJ's iconic jersey number, but neither company officials nor Jordan himself will say whether this will be the last of the line.

Air Jordan XX3 Picture Gallery:

Air Jordans XX3 White and Black Air Jordans XX3 White Black and Red Air Jordans XX3 Grey, Blue and White Air Jordans XX3 Grey, Blue and White click pictures to enlarge.
Air Jordans XX3 Black, Red and White Air Jordans XX3 Black, Red and White Air Jordans XX3 Black, Red and White Air Jordans XX3 Black, Red and White Air Jordans XX3 Grey, White, Black and Gold

News: An exclusive limited release of the AIR JORDAN XX3 will launch on Friday, January 25, 2008 with a suggested retail price of $230. An All-Star release will launch on Saturday, February 16, 2008 with a suggested retail price of $185. The nationwide launch will be released on Saturday, February 23, 2008 with a suggested retail price of $185


- Air Jordan XX3 Unique Design Features:

  • An imprint of Michael Jordan’s finger print traction pattern on outsole.
  • Precise stitching to reveal external heel moccasin stitch.
  • Michael Jordan signature on toe cap.
  • High performance TPU chassis.
  • Michael Jordan thumbprint on back of tongue lining.
  • Handcrafted MJ stitch pattern offers beautiful detailing and function.

- Air Jordan XX3 Technical Components: Nike Considered:

  • AIR JORDAN XX3 is the first basketball shoe in Nike’s history to be designed according to Nike Considered ethos.
  • The design of the AIR JORDAN XX3 minimizes waste and use of solvent based cements.
  • Automotive quality painting process on the backside of the Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) chassis is completed by an efficient robot arm to maximize the quality, consistency and durability of the paint and component.
  • Outsole uses environmentally preferred rubber that reduces toxics and incorporates Nike Grind material from footwear outsole manufacturing waste.
  • The construction of the shoe emphasizes the use of environmentally preferred materials.

- Upper:

  • A newly engineered, patent-pending, stitching machine stitches the upper in 3-D form.
  • Dual density sock liner.
  • Internal dual density slow recovery foam around the heel conforms to foot shapes to create a more custom fit.
  • One shot compression molded phylon midsole.
  • Full length sleek internal bootie maximizes comfort while complimenting the sleek profile.
  • Nu-foam collar/tongue lining package for sleek low profile comfort.
  • New quilted pattern molded sock liner that provides quality arch support.provides quality arch support.
  • Reinforced quarter panels to form and hold the exact shape of the last to provide the best fit possible.
  • Breathable tongue allows air to escape helping to keep the foot cooler.
  • The upper is bladder pressed on the last two times during the construction to form the upper shape exactly to the last shape.

- Midsole / Outsole:

  • Full length Zoom Airsole unit for superior cushioning.
  • Carbon fiber/acrylic weave shank plate adds structure and support in key areas.
  • High performance TPU chassis built for stability and support.
  • Light weight - 15 ounces.
  • One of the lowest midsole profile thickness made for a basketball shoe (19mms in the heel and 9mms in the forefoot) allowing for players to be as close to the ground as possible and feel the court.
  • The shank plate is inserted into the TPU chassis mold and the TPU is directly shot over the entire plate. This process is the most efficient for production because it enhances durability, reduces waste, and minimizes our solvent cement usage. It is a new innovation for performance footwear.
  • Advanced cushioning system contains a low profile IPS system with a large pillar in the heel combined with a low profile modified IPS in the forefoot.

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More information:

- The Air Jordan XX3: Celebrating 23 years of greatness. The ultimate basketball shoe for the greatest player.

  • The unique upper is a combination of rich leathers and supple synthetics, put together to offer the most sustainable basketball shoe ever created.
  • The engineered perforation pattern on the upper offers superior breathable performance.
  • The quilted foams and linings found on the inside of the shoe offer excellent protection and comfort.
  • A plated chassis surrounds a full-length phylon midsole which houses a full length ride of Zoom Air cushioning.
  • Never before has a shoe offered better comfort and protection while maintaining stability.
  • Solid rubber multi-directional type outsole that is inspired by Michael Jordan's thumbprint.
  • The traction pattern enhances stability and grips the court for quick cuts.