Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Jordan IV (4)

Pictures and information of the Nike Air Jordans IV (4)

Michael Jordan shoes are a classic of the footwear world. Here you have information and pictures of the Air Jordan IV (4). Click image to enlarge it.

Nike Air Jordan IV (4), Michael Jordan signature shoes.

Nike Air Jordan IV (4)

Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan IV (4) in the 1988-89 NBA Season.

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As MJ dominates the skies, Air Jordans rule the Shelves. With their breathable mesh inserts, unique trapezoidal stabilization straps and shiny new "Flight" logo, the IV becomes an international bestseller.

The shoe even has a big silver screen moment on a character who freaks out when his crisp AJ get scuffed by a careless jogger.

Showing complete mastery in perhaps his best overall statistical year, MJ notches 32.5 ppg (1st), a career high 8 rpg (10th) and 2.89 steals (3rd). Along the way he also makes the First Team, First Team All-Defensive and All-Star Team.

In their first round battle against Cleveland, Money hits a series-winning game five buzzer-beater. Though ousting New York in the conference semis, Detroit proves to be too big of an obstacle and Chicago goes down in six. In 17 playoffs games Michael averages 34.8 points.

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